Pastor’s John and Charlotte Laird have been in ministry for over 20 years and the pastors of New Dimension church since April 2006.Both are gifted in music ministry and use music as an integral part of the worship experience at New Dimension Church. Their unique “teaching-preaching” tag team ministry gives foundation and inspiration to the hearer.

Pastor John is the senior pastor of New Dimension Church and is an anointed, prophetic teacher. Pastor John teaches foundational truths with a relevant approach, using humor, soberness, and real life application. He is a gifted musician and songwriting and uses these talents to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. Pastor John is a Certified Public Accountant, holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in accounting. He is the founder of John Laird consulting company and serves as an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community college, Indiana Wesleyan University, and several other universities.

Pastor Charlotte is a psalmist, prophetess, and preacher who is an inspiration to females of all ages. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007, she continued to preach the Gospel to girls through her “Blossom Talk” ministry and to women through her women’s ministry. Pastor Charlotte is a prolific songwriter and held her first live recording in 2008, “Flourish”. Pastor Charlotte holds an associate’s degree in early childhood development. In 2018, Pastor Charlotte opened “Well-Watered Garden”, and in-home enrichment center for children. Today, she is healed of cancer and preaching and singing the Word of God at New Dimension Church and abroad.

Pastor’s John and Charlotte live in Stongsville, Ohio and have two wonderful children Zipporah, and Shemah